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    American? Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters

    The Answer to High Energy Bills. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Designed to Deliver Optimal Performance in Efficiency Mode.

    What do you get when you combine proven eco-friendly heat pump water heater technology with a traditional, high-efficiency electric backup system?

    The answer is the American? Electric Heat Pump Water Heater, the best water heater on the market that employs heat pump water heater technology to pull ambient heat in from the surrounding environment to heat your water. With this innovation, it can literally save you enough money in energy costs to pay you back in less than three years versus a traditional electric water heater.American? ENERGY STAR? Qualified Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters

    Cost-effective, easy-to-use and ENERGY STAR? qualified, the American? Electric Heat Pump Water Heater is a smart answer for today’s energy questions.


    80-Gallon Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater

    With the capacity for a large family home and the innovative technology to save money while doing it, the American? 80-Gallon Electric Heat Pump Water Heater is more than good for the environment, it’s a great investment.

    HPHE10280H045DV - 80 Gallon Electric Heat Pump Features and Benefits Include:
    ENERGY STAR? Qualified for many state and local utility rebates
    Easy-to-Use Touch Pad—So Simple, No Explanation is Necessary
    Maintenance-Free Powered Anode Rod Protects Tank and Never Needs Replacement
    Innovative Design to Extract Heat from Even the Most Extreme Geographies
    Water Temperature May be Set from 95? F to 150? F
    Washable, Easily Accessible Air Filter
    Efficient Enough for Payback in Less Than Three Years Versus a Traditional Electric Water Heaters*
    10-Year Tank and Parts Warranty

    Download a Heat Pump Brochure

    Download a Heat Pump
    Specification Sheet

    View the HPHE10280H045DV
    Product Page

    View the HPHE10266H045DV
    Product Page

    View the HPHE10250H045DV
    Product Page

    American? Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters

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    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?American? 50 Gallon Electric Heat Pump Water Heater Display

    Four Operating Modes

    1. Efficient
    This mode uses the heat pump technology to heat water and maximize your savings.


    2. Hybrid
    By combining both the heat pump technology and high efficiency heating elements, you save money and quickly enjoy hot water again even after long showers or baths.


    3. Conventional
    This setting suspends the heat pump during periods when there is little available heat, such as unconditioned spaces in extreme winter cold snaps.


    4. Vacation
    This is the perfect setting for minimizing costs when you are out of town, while also preventing damage that can be caused by freezing.

    Available in 50 Gallon, 66 Gallon & 80 Gallon HPHE10280H045DV Models