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  • High Efficiency HCG Series Common Vent Kit

    Optional common venting provide flexibility. These kits allow for easier install with fewer roof/wall penetrations and are certified for use with the American HCG Series Commercial Gas heaters.

    Concentric and Common Vent Kit

    • ? Fewer wall penetrations than standard single-unit venting
    • ? Reduced install cost with easy to install non-powered kits
    • ? Flexibility of using PVC or polypropylene vent material

    • ? Approved for use with 120, 150, 199, 250, 300, 400 and 500 High Efficiency HCG Series models
    • ? Approved for side wall (horizontal) vent applications only
    • ? 50 Feet maximum equivalent length of straight pipe common vent and elbows
    • ? Direct vent configuration only
    • ? Maximum of two water heaters can be common vented
    • ? One kit per water heater required, chose from PVC or polypropylene, model input size
    • ? Kits include backflow preventer plus intake and exhaust adapters. Piping and termination field supplied.
    • ? Each wall penetration requires a 7” hole through the structure
    • ? Common vent kits are UL listed


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